Lavazza Espresso Point Matinee Coffee Machine 141 Cups Key Pods Brushes Manual

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Luigi Lavazza Espresso Point Matinee Coffee Brewing System Machine
First series model
Serial number 002177

Makes 3 size espressos
Dispenses 160 degree water consistently and always ready for pour overs or instant hot chocolate
Steams and Froths

The top of the unit is a cup warmer - probably my favorite feature

Only 141 cups brewed
These are original numbers on the machine. It has not been refurbished or a new counter installed. 

Comes with the following accessories
Water tank and all accessories/hoses
"Key" required to push pod through to drip tray
Key to lock top of unit
Type C Cleaning Brush
Type B Cleaning Brush
Manual for second series machine (almost identical)

Additional items not originally sold with this unit but we purchased and are including with this bundle:
2 stainless steel reusable pods
1 stainless tamp
Pod cleaning brush
2 pod scoops
(Paid over $100 just for these extras)
*You will need to use the finest powdered espresso for these pods or they will not perform well. These are an after market item that DOES fit the specifications for this machine but our cusinart coffee grinder did not get the powder fine enough, we had to use actual espresso fine powder. Just a little FYI and something we learned along the way

14.5" tall
9" wide
12" deep
Weighs 27 lbs

Made in Italy