Leo Meiersdorff Bonjour Yall Original Postcard 8x6 1982 New Orleans Cunningham

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Beloved New Orleans artist, Leo Meiersdorff
Original over sized postcard of Meiersdorff's rare print "Bonjour Y'all"
A fantastic addition to any true Meiersdorff collector's ransom
Measures 8" x 6"

Back writing:
Bonjour Y'all, Wishing you a good day from New Orleans, where the people, music, food and ambiance of the city are celebrated in the bright and colorful artwork of internationally famous artist Leo Meiersdorff. Copyright Cummings Enterprises. 1982. Distribution G2 Ltd, (Address and phone number)
Great Cards for Great People
Greetings Y'all

Has been in a frame since the 80's
Removed due to a small chip in the glass
Postcard is free from any handling
There is a fine line of masking tape residue on the back of the postcard where it was tapped to the matting by the frame shop