Louisville Stoneware Kentucky Burgoo Kepottle Serving 1981 107th Kentucky Derby

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Louisville Stoneware
Kentucky Burgoo Kepottle
1981 - 107th Kentucky Derby

Fantastic large serving kettle and lid with metal and wooden handle
Features Kentucky Burgoo recipe surrounding the pot

Approximately 10" across widest point
7.5" mouth opening
7.5" height
Stands at 9.5" including knob on lid and 11.5" with handle upright
Weighs 6.5 lbs
Capacity 20 cups

Excellent condition. No chips, cracks, crazing, utensil markings or otherwise signs of usage or damage.

Potter's markings:
Made in Kentucky USA
By Louisville Stoneware, Co
Year of the 107th Kentucky Derby
Original Kepottle for serving purposes
Caution, oven heating may deteriorate wood handle
Do not put in microwave because of metal in bail handle
Do not heat directly on electric element or flame

Made in USA