Mackenzie Childs Parchment Check Beverage Hostess Drink Dispenser Base Lid Only

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Mackenzie Childs Beverage Hostess Beverage Dispenser BASE & LID ONLY

Parchment Check Pattern
Produced in July, 2013 in Aurora, New York, USA and no longer available.
Made of terra cotta and hand painted by incredibly talented artisans.

New and unused in flawless condition. BASE & LID ONLY. No chips, cracks, crazing. Obviously does not have the drink dispenser but you can use the base and lid to mix up your current set for a fresh new look.

Base: 12″ at it’s widest point and stands at 5.5″ tall, Inner resting part measures 8″
Lid: 9.5″ wide by 4.5″ tall

Marked on inner rim MacKenzie Childs, Parchment Check, July 2013, Aurora, NY
Base stamped Mackenzie Childs 2013 KD Parchment Check July