Mida Italy Silver Wine Cork Bottle Opener Nautical Wooden Box Vintage 1994 Certificate

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• Brand: Mida
• Type: Wine cork, bottle opener in beautiful nautical themed storage box
• Potter's Markings: MC Ag 3g 94 Made in Italy [3 grams silver]
• Circa: 1994

Width: 5.5
Length: 4
Depth: 2
Weighs 1 lb

I translated the enclosed certificate of authenticity. It reads:
Warranty Certificate
Mida objects

Foil bas-relief
Silver supported
Base in polished lacquered wood, or other precious woods

Modernity and classicism are the elements that distinguish mida objectivism.

The rigor, simplicity and compositional plasticity are the result of careful research that make these precious art objects furnishing accessories born and designed to embellish the sphere of the Qutidiano.

The crystals, the precious woods and the various tones of the lacquered only increase the beauty of the silver that shaped, almost sculpted, gives the object the unity of a work of art.

Mida guarantees the authenticity of the materials used by affixing the Mida brand itself a guarantee of style, quality, and vunalterability over time.

Pre-Owned Excellent condition. Unused display quality. Minor sign of handling on silver on top of box.