Morgan Designs Bucket Brigade Nautical Flags Ice Bucket And Tongs Square Plastic

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Absolutely fabulous Nautical Retro Ice Bucket
Bucket Brigade

Made by Morgan Designs in the USA
Unique square cube shaped
Bright white plastic with vibrant nautical flags on all sides
Inner ice bucket does not remove
Red wooden lid (has significant wear from the salty sea air but could get a new lease on life with light sanding and painting)
Original yellow tongs included (were signed Morgan at the tip until I wiped them down with rubbing alcohol to do my due diligence to sell clean and sterilized items… well it wiped it right off in one swipe… I Do NOT recommend cleaning any of this item with alcohol, you can see a bit of it still if you zoom into last picture)
Bucket Brigade in silver on lower right on two sides, partially wearing away
Clear lucite feet
Morgan Designs under lid is wearing off as well as Morgan and Co on bottom of bucket
Fantastic statement piece
Measures 8 3/4″ by 7 1/4″ tall not including lid