Robert Emig Mythology Cast Iron Ornate Pedestal Compote Bowl Greek Gods 1236B

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Robert Emig Products, Pensylvania, USA

Cast iron Pedestal Compote Bowl

Features four Mythological Roman or Greek god and goddess scenes surrounded by ornate filigree scrolls and flowers. 

The scenes are fantastically detailed with Neptune on his throne, a goddess riding on a lion fish, a goddess riding on a dolphin and a god riding on a dragon fish. The outer band of the bowl continues the scroll filigree with a flying dragon at each intersection of the scenes.

Flat head screw secures the base to the compote

Guesstimating age would be around the 50's-60's


Visible signs of minor typical corrosion give it a lovely patina


8.25" diameter

4" height

The numbers 1236 C and the number 1 on oppossing side can be found on the underside of the compote.

1236B can barely be seen on the underside of the base